Join Us For A Beer!

At the Railway Hotel Heyfield we pride ourselves on having the coldest beer and the friendliest staff in town. The spacious front bar at the Railway Hotel Heyfield is well stocked with a range of tap beers, bottled beers and ciders, as well as spirits and a wine list that includes a great range of Gippsland wines. Take a look below to what beers the Railway Hotel Heyfield have on tap and what we have in our fridges.

Beers on tap!

Great Northern Super Crisp Type: Lager Alc/Vol: 3.5%

Great Northern was designed with an easy going lifestyle in mind, with its fruity aroma, subtle bitterness, crisp palate and refreshingly dry finish this beer can be enjoyed at any time.

Carlton Dry Type: Lager Alc/Vol: 4.5%

    Carlton Dry is a super refreshing, full strength lager specifically brewed for easy drinking. Our beer has a great taste and a smooth, dry finish without the bitterness of traditional beers.

Carlton Draught Type: Lager Alc/Vol: 4.6%

    Carlton Draught is a traditional, full-strength lager that is crisp on the mid-palate with a good malt character and smooth full-bodied flavour. Clean hop bitterness gives the brew a slightly dry finish. Synonymous with the origins of the brewery itself, Carlton Draught is renowned for tasting as fresh as it did the day it was brewed. And it’s that kind of consistency in taste that’s been important to Australians for generations.

Bottled Beers!

VB, XXXX Gold, Corono, Melbourne, Great Northern, Pure Blonde, Heinekken

Craft Beers!

Each month we will offer a small range of Craft beers that we enjoy ourselves, feel free to make a suggestion to beers that we should offer.

Phone: 03 51482694
24 George St
Heyfield, Vic, 3858